Date: 2009-07-01 10:03 pm (UTC)
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What’s the oldest book you own? My great-grandmother’s (or very likely great-great-grandmother’s) Bible. King James and absolutely tiny—I don’t have it to hand, but it’s no more than five inches in its greatest dimension. The leather cover—what’s left of it—crumbles to the touch, so it rarely gets touched.

What’s the newest book you own? The Sharing Knife, Volume 3: Passage, by my favorite author, Lois McMaster Bujold. A gift from [ profile] lady_akatari who, through oversight, bought two copies. The only problem is that I don’t have the first two volumes, and she hasn’t lent them to me.

Name a book that you like to have easily accessible? I’m not sure I have one at the moment. When I was actively solving puzzles, Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition was indispensable. But right now the only thing I need handy to refer to is the Harry Potter books, for beta purposes—and I have a .pdf file with all seven books in it, which is much more practical for reference.

Name a book that you like to have easily noticeable (for reasons of pretension or ’cause it’s pretty)? Nothing, really. The nearest thing to an answer would be my three sets of Harry Potter books: U.S. editions (hardcover), U.K. editions (children’s paperback), and French editions (paperback). But I don’t have Deathly Hallows in French yet.

What’s the nicest book or set of books that you own? Apart from the Harry Potter books just mentioned, I have a complete set of Dickens. There’s no date on them, and although an internet search only comes up with a date of 1868 for Dickens works from this publisher, I’m sure they’re not that old. 1930s would be my totally uneducated guess.

What’s the most battered, most loved book that you own? I have a few that qualify; all paperbacks, and all “battered” in the sense of having come loose from their covers through repeated reading: Death at the Bar and A Wreath for Rivera by Ngaio Marsh; Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings; and my first copy of Pride and Prejudice—which, at the time I bought it, I thought was awful and couldn’t get through. Of course, I was only twelve at the time.

Have you encountered a book that felt especially nice to hold? Mrs. Brumeux gave me one of Sir Walter Scott’s novels (I can’t locate it at the moment—not all our bookshelves are accessible just now—and don’t remember which one, except that it wasn’t Ivanhoe) in a supple leather cover.

Do you arrange books by author, title, genre, vibe, colour or not at all? When the bookshelves are in order, they’re by genre, then author, then either by series and order within series or by title. At its best though, this is theoretical, since most of our shelves are two to three books deep. And as time goes on a significant amount of randomization happens, except that the mysteries stay upstairs and the fantasy/science fiction downstairs.

Do library / borrowed books feel as nice as books you own? Except when they have those plastic covers to protect the dust jackets, yes.

What format of book do you most like holding? (ie, paperback, hardback, trade paperback, graphic novel…) A hardback is more satisfying, but it doesn’t lend itself as well to lounging about or reading while traveling.

Do you have any hidden books? I did have a copy of The Pearl, from Evergreen Press; not exactly hidden, but stored away. And at some point it was no longer there in its storage space. I strongly suspect Lady A. found it and took it away to further her education.

What books would you keep in your (real or hypothetical) spare room for guests to read? *is horror-struck* What? Let other people touch my books? People who might bend the covers of paperbacks? Dog-ear pages? Nope. Sorry.
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