Book Friending Meme

Since we all have at least one interest in common here, I thought a friending meme on the comm might be fun. I suspect that a lot of us have more than just books in common, and who doesn't like more friends???

So, here we go...

*'Participation' can be as simple as making an entry on your own journal about a movie/episode/article/song, etc.

30-Day Book Meme - Day 30

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Day 30 - What book are you reading right now?

Thanks to everyone who played in the 30-Day Meme sandbox! I hope you had as much fun as I did :)

30-Day Book Meme - Day 29

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Day 29 - Saddest character death OR best/most satisfying character death (or both!)

***Expect SPOILERS in the comments!!!***

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 28

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Day 28 - First favorite book or series obsession

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 27

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Day 27 - If a book contains ______, you will always read it (and a book or books that contain it)!

[Posted with 13 minutes to spare in EDT ;) ]

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 26

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Day 26 - OMG WTF? OR most irritating/awful/annoying book ending

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 25

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Day 25 - Any five books from your "to be read" stack

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 24

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Day 24 - Best quote from a novel

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 23

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Day 23 - Most annoying character ever

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mellow bookfulness...

This book meme brought to you because the heating went on this morning...

What's your favourite reading spot now that the weather's turning? (if your climate is changing for the warmer, the question still applies!)
What single book sums up the Autumn/Fall season for you?
Pick five favourite scary/autumnal books for a Halloween stack...
Pick one book to give as a 'treat' and one as a 'trick' when little monsters come to your door at the end of the month...
What books are you hoping/expecting to read between now and Christmas? (a selection is fine)...
What's the best book you read over the summer?
Do you like to turn leaves, or are you a Kindle convert?

30-Day Book Meme - Day 22

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Day 22 - Favorite non-sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 21

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Day 21 - Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

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It's the tenth!

Once a month [community profile] book_memes demands to know: What are you reading?

What book are you currently reading?
How far in are you?
What's it about?
Are you enjoying it?

[my answers in comments]

30-Day Book Meme - Day 19

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Day 19 - Favorite book cover (bonus points for posting an image!)

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 18

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Day 18 - Favorite beginning scene in a book

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 18

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Day 17 - Favorite story or collection of stories (short stories, novellas, novelettes, etc.)

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 16

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Sorry for the late post. It was a crazy day!

Day 16 - Favorite poem or collection of poetry

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 15

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Day 15 - Your "comfort" book

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30-Day Book Meme - Day 14

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Day 14 - Favorite character in a book (of any sex or gender)

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